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Sow Good 5 1/2 inch Styling Shears 1 Pack


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5 1/2 inch Styling Shears 1 Pack

Our Sow Good Styling Shears are crafted in Italy and are the preferred size of professionals. They feature sharp blades and smooth, cutting action. They are perfect for trimming bangs and cutting children's' hair. The scissors are Guaranteed for Life.

Directions Comb hair to remove any snarls and, holding the scissors horizontally, trim to the desired length. To add some movement and avoid a blunt-looking cut, you can hold the scissors vertically and use the point to make very short snips. NOTE Always leave your hair a bit longer than you'd like so you have some room to even it out if it looks unbalanced. It's also best to trim your bangs when they're dry so you will have an accurate view of the length.

Warnings:Keep out of reach of children. See product label for more information.