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Sow Good Ceramic Foot Smoother 1 Pack


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Ceramic Foot Smoother 1 Pack

Our Sow Good Ceramic Foot Smoother combines the long lasting smoothing power of a pumice stone with the comfort and stability of a long, angled handle. The smoother is double-sided to quickly reduce calluses and gently smooth rough skin.

Directions Soak your feet in warm, soapy water or use while in the bath or shower. Using the coarse side, gently rub the surface over thick calluses until they are reduced. Using the medium side, gently scrub off any rough spots. Remember that your feet need some callusing for protection, so your goal is to smooth the callus, not eliminate it. CAUTION Please do not use this, or any, foot smoother if you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation.

Warnings:Keep out of reach of children. See product label for more information.