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Sow Good Eyelash Curler 1 Pack


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Eyelash Curler 1 Pack

Our Sow Good Eyelash Curler is an essential tool for creating big, beautiful eyes. The rounded, metal crimping bar and gentle, cushioned pad work to curl lashes quickly and safely. The coated handles provide a more secure and comfortable grip. The eyelash curler is Guaranteed for Life.

Directions ALWAYS USE BEFORE APPLYING MASCARA Step 1 Position your upper lashes between the curlers upper crimping bar and the black, cushioned pad. Get as close to the base of your lashes as is comfortable for you. Step 2 Gently squeeze the curler handles together, closing your lashes between the crimping bar and the cushion. Continue to apply this pressure, while tilting the curler up slightly, for 10 seconds. Step 3 Open the curler handles and take the curler away from your lashes. Apply mascara to hold the curl. Note Your eyes will appear larger and more open, if you curl them closer to the base of your lashes. For a more dreamy, fluttery look, try curling toward the center of your lashes.

Warnings:Keep out of reach of children. See product label for more information.