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Aroma2Go Gaius Diffuser 1 Container


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Gaius Diffuser 1 Container

This glass diffuser is one of a kind and will fit stylishly into any living quarters. It runs constantly on one fill of water for roughly 8 hours straight. You have the choice of running this with an white LED glow or no light. It is extremely easy to fill with water and its motor is silent.

BUTTON #1 (in the middle) - ON/OFF

1. Press once to start the diffusion in continuous mode at the hiest diffusion volume (30 ml/h) 2. Press a second time to start the diffusion for 60 minutes and then OFF 3. Press a third time for an intermittent diffusion - 30 sec ON / 30 sec OFF - for 120 minutes and then OFF 4. Press a fourth time to switch the diffuser OFF

BUTTON #2 (right) Light (LED)

1. Press once to turn the white light ON 2. Press a second time to turn the white light OFF

BUTTON #3 (left) Diffusion volume control

1. Press once for medium volume - 22 ml/h 2. Press a second time for low volume - 15 ml/h 3. Press a third time for high volume - 30 ml/h

Warnings:Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.