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Herbatint Temporary Hair Touch-Up Light Chestnut 10 ml Bag


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Temporary Hair Touch-Up Light Chestnut 10 ml Box

Product Description

Herbatint Temporary Touch Up conceals grays in just minutes. This innovative, gentle formula leaves no smudging or sticky residue when dry just seamless coverage. Perfect when youre in between color sessions or salon visits, it offers flawless results:


Remove the brush with a spiral movement to avoid using excess product

Tap the brush gently on the roots to distribute the product evenly

Rotate the brush when applying for best coverage


  • Lasts until your next shampoo
  • Precision brush for no clumps
  • Requires no mixing or developer
  • Made with no synthetic dyes
  • Works on all hair types
  • Almond oil to strengthen and moisturize

Directions 1. Comb hair and part where you want coverage 2. Use precision applicator and gently brush over greys 3. Let dry for 5 minutes 4. Comb from roots to ends - enjoy perfect grey coverage until your next wash!