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Bass Brushes Loofah Mitt Extra Thick 1 Loofa


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Loofah Mitt Extra Thick 1 Loofa

Product Description

Our 100% natural bath & body mitt is made of esthetician grade, high density pure plant fibers. Use to gently exfoliate, stimulate circulation and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Perfect with your favorite soap or cleanser.


  • Esthetician grade 100% natural plant material.
  • Gently massages and exfoliates
  • Thoroughly cleanses the skin.
  • Used and recommended by estheticians all over the world.
  • Perfect for all skin types. Best for wet use.

Directions Wet the scrubber and lather with soap. Massage first the soles, then the legs, hands. Then finishing the back and the chest. Remember always to massage towards the heart. Rinse your scrubber after each use.

Warnings:Keep out of reach of children. See product label for more information.